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We know you don’t want to sit through some boring lecture. That’s why we designed these hour presentations to be exciting for both the lay person as well as the highly informed animal lover. Audience participation is what keeps things exciting!

These presentations work especially well in conjunction with the libraries “story time” or “nature week.”

When the staff reads some cool animal books to the kids or is already teaching about the ecosystem, finishing the lessons with a real life animal presentation will be unforgettable! 

Kevin and his reptile collection will arrive and begin setting up. This is where the anticipation starts building.

Kevin is a natural educator and knows how to intuitively connect with people. Our beautiful acrylic display makes it super easy to take photos during the show. 

During the first half of the presentation each animal is introduced one at a time. Our diagrams and visual aids help teach where that particular animal is from and details about their habitat.

We love asking a volunteer to come up front to meet the animal.

A lot of people have stereotypes about reptiles. That’s why we aim to show how they benefit the ecosystem and even make great pets.

You’ll learn about snake adaptations and see why we call it a Blue-Tongue Skink. 

Some of our animals are carnivores and some are omnivores. We’ll teach you how to differentiate.

You then get time for Q & A with Kevin. We genuinely love answering everyone’s questions. It helps keep us sharp. Finally, we give everyone what they want: time to have your picture taken holding our animals!

These library programs can be performed outside as long as it’s 70+ degrees and we can set up in the shade.

Although we’ve done these educational presentations hundreds of times, we PROMISE our enthusiasm will be fresh and genuine.

A few words about what makes these library shows special:

1. We take delight in giving you a hands-on lesson. After all, we’re not in this business to scare you. We’re in this business to teach and inspire. 

2. We’re especially great with kids and know how to sense what kind of experience each person needs. Your comfort level is always our primary concern. Remember, if you just want to come to the show but not touch any of the animals that's fine 😀

3. We travel to your location. Isn’t that great?

So, now there is only one question:

Which library show is right for you?