Camp and Scouting Events

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We love bringing our animals to your camp and scouting events. These hour programs are a great way to enjoy, learn about and experience nature at the same time.

You get an up-close view of all of our friendly, clean and beautiful reptiles. We can even do the show outdoors during the summer time.

We’re invited back annually to many summer/winter camps and Scout programs. With our large variety of reptile species, we always can bring new surprises.

Our events not only help the attendees have a great time and create memories, but also educate them on things like balanced ecosystems and super cool adaptations.

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Throughout our time at your event, we speak to the audience about what got us into this business and what we plan for the future.

The last part is the BEST part. Everyone that wants to can literally have their picture taken holding our awesome animals. This is the perfect moment for camp staff, Scout leaders and parents to capture the kids' (and adults) exciting smiles.

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Think about how excited your campers will become when they’re told that this week Kevin “the reptile guy” will be here showing exotic animals from Africa, South America and even Australia!

If you’re running a summer/winter camp or hosting a Scouting event, be sure to contact us today to give your campers an experience to remember! Everyone will absolutely love it!

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