Our one hour Jurassic Parties are structured in a show and tell format and are available in three prepackaged options: Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond.

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Each package is differentiated by the amount of animals we bring and merchandise included.

Upon arriving we'll begin setting up our animal display. And, after introducing ourselves, wish a Happy Birthday to the Guest of Honor. Then they are given the chance to come up and be our Jr. Zookeeper.

Each animal is brought out one at a time and the Guest of Honor can help us gently show it to their friends.

We teach the species name, diet, native habitat, where we got him/her from. We also explain the benefit of a captive bred animal being docile and that this does not deplete from the wildlife population.

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After all the animals that are displayed have been introduced, we ask all the audience to close their eyes so we can bring out the surprise reptile.

The Guest of Honor is then awarded a framed personalized Certificate of Bravery and the party favors the other kiddos receive are temporary animal tattoos or rubber reptiles.

The attendees can then, one at a time, have their picture taken holding one of our animals.

It’s best if all kids participating be 3 yrs+. This seems to be the age where they understand touching the animals "gently." 

Parties can be done outside as long as it is 70+ degrees and we are provided a table in the shade.

You’ll be completely blown away by the show! And, we did all the planning for you.

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We travel within a 60 mile radius.

There is a surcharge for events further than 20 miles from our facility in Colchester, VT.

Mileage charges are:

-Free within 20 miles.

-$25 for 21-40 miles

-$50 for 41-60 miles

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You can also take $25 off by prepaying.

We Promise to be energetic, funny and patient with the excited kids. Our goal is to teach the kids tons of good stuff. Plus, the price isn't nuts.

Which package is right for you?

All Jurassic Birthday Parties include a framed personalized Certificate of Bravery, party favors for all attendees and presentation ceremony for the Guest of Honor!

Ruby Package

1 Hour Presentation

5 animals
Party Favors

Certificate of Bravery

$325 $300


Sapphire Package

1 Hour Presentation

6 animals
Party Favors

Polaroid Service (10 instant photos)

Certificate of Bravery

$375 $350

Diamond Package

1 Hour Presentation

7 animals
Party Favors

Polaroid Service (20 instant photos)

Pinata or Birthday Shirts

Certificate of Bravery

$475 $450

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